About Me

Man Behind the Camera

Umer Farooq is a young talented Photographer from Pakistan whose prime focus is on the Wildlife and Nature Photography around the World.

He is a university graduate in business studies and a "system analyst" by profession living and working in Saudi Arabia. 

His main aim is to create awareness about the wildlife present around us which have a role in a circle of life with a thought in mind that by some means they can be taken care of in a better way.

He Says : 

"From childhood, the interest of birds and animals through the Tv channels like Natgeo and animal Planet has brought me close to the Animals, Birds and Other creatures around Us.

My aim is to create awareness to the people that there are other creatures living around us and it's our duty to know about them, there pattern of life and how they are connected to our Ecosystem.

Every living creature has a role in nature which GOD has given to them. We must take care of that.

My Goals are to Photograph the wildlife especially birds, animals and the Endangered species around the world and bring them close to the people to let them know, to educate the priority of every living creature that is living in this World.

They are GOD beautiful creation like us we should respect and shoot them with Camera, not the Gun"


Gear Used : 

Nikon D500 

Nikon D7200 

Lens : 

Sigma 150-600mm C

Tamron 18-400mm 

Nikon 18-140mm

Contact :



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